Sbirulina film (1982)

Sbirulino is a nice and picturesque character, child-clown created by Sandra Mondaini. He lives a happy and carefree life in a neat little house dell’incantevole Sottoilcielo village in the company of his faithful horse called “Tagallo”. An uncle of America to leave him and his cousins Sbiruloni a great legacy. He leaves for Rome, where they are relatives, committed performances of a circus, and, along the way, gives rise to a series of hilarious adventures and exemplary. Foils theft, disturbing and enlivens the holiday of a Pettoruto Commendatore, but also abides by the recommendation received from the pastor before departure: – Do everything what they are doing great! And ‘from its commitment in the imitation of other comic situations that arise that are fixed forever in their criticisms of the ridiculous and useless fads concerns Affairs unnecessarily absorbing and alienating. The adult world, seen through the eyes of Sbirulino innocent and benevolent, kindly put it in crisis – are all crazy big, huh? … – His love of peace and serenity spread love of order of all those he meets on his journey. The many “misfortunes” caused or suffered by him, are the continued confidence in a better future. – Patience is its chorus, and courage in life. Even at the circus where he finds the cousins, causes disasters, but in the end, as in all good stories, everything will work out for the best. Does capture the thieves, is engaged couple reconcile, make fun of the circus spectators, receives a reward of ten million by the gruff Commander he released from marauders (thus recover the “pennies” Uncle of America, spent recklessly by the hotel luxury!), offers all the cousins Sbiruloni and then … would like to return to his beloved Sottoilcielo. The aid comes in the black hen which he had always feared as the only enemy of his life that made giant carries beautifully at home (all are good, even those that seem bad!), Where all waiting for him with Happiness general anxiety and concern of the villagers and embrace final Sbirulino … with its Tagallo!

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